Rentals Fleet Program

Whether the costs of ownership have become burdensome, you simply don’t use your motorhome enough to justify owning it! Or you have upgraded your RV  or Camper , but haven’t sold your  previous RV, Red Dog Camper Fleet Program may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

“A True Aussie Legend”

What are      the Benefits of Red Dog Rentals Fleets Program?

Active vehicles enrolled in our rental fleet program      generally receive 24-26 weeks of rentals , generating enough revenue to offset , or in many cases to completely cover the cost of ownership.

Can I use my RV & Camper whenever I want?

  • Anytime! When you know you want      to use the RV & Camper, call us and we’ll reserve it for you as though you were any other renter. If it’s booked we’ll let you know and give you the option to keep the rental or move the booking to another unit      (whenever possible and available).
  • When you pick up your RV &      Camper, it will be perfectly clean, full of fuel, water and propane. We’ll start the refrigerator and water heater for you and check all the appliances, generator, (where applicable). All we ask is that you return     it in the same condition – full of fuel, propane and cleaned with all holding tanks emptied so that it’s ready to go out on the next rental.

How do I know  my RV & Camper wont get  trashed?

  • This is the single biggest      concern of RV  & Camper owners. The long and the short of it is the renter is responsible for just about everything. The only exceptions are the normal wear and maintenance items (tyres generator service etc…).
  • Each renter is screened      extensively. We obtain and verify addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license information,
  • Every approved renter is given      extensive training on the RV & Camper and must sign an itemized orientation and safety checklist before the rental goes out. This keeps them from coming back later and saying the reason something broke or got damaged because we didn’t tell them how to operate it.
  • In addition, each renter is      required to read and sign a copy of our Policies & Procedures. The terms and conditions were written to protect the RVs & Campers, our owners and Red Dog Rentals should any problems should arise. They clearly      spell out what the renter’s responsibilities are and define any penalties      which are assessed should they not adhere to them.
  • Every vehicle is immaculately cleaned, full of fuel and water and thoroughly inspected before it leaves. We take a vehicle inspection checklist , so there is no question of its condition. The renter signs that the rental unit is in good condition and agrees to return it in the same condition, full of fuel and clean. If they don’t, we clean it and/or fuel it and charge the renter.
  • On the Vehicle Check-Out form and      our contract, it clearly states that we have up to 5 business days to inspect the unit before refunding the renters deposit. None of these things are of any use if we can’t collect from the renter if damage      occurs. To make certain we will be able to collect, each renter must pay      for the rental in advance plus leave us a $2500 -$5000 (minimum) security      deposit. The renter must also sign a blank credit card ticket authorizing      us to charge ANY balance or additional damages their credit card. With      this credit card authorization, the customer cannot successfully dispute      charges to their credit card company.

Who is  allowed to drive my RV  & Camper?

ONLY the renter and persons designated at the time the reservation is taken.  The renter understands that they’re the responsible party and will be charged for any damage or repairs due to negligence caused by them or any designated driver

If you are interested in discussing putting your RV in our Rental Fleet or would like to view a copy of the Fleet Agreement, please call Michelle or Peter Bloom on 07 5563 3142


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